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Jockeys & Juleps

horse-race for jockeys and juleps Sandy Springs


And a chance to win the best hat and bow-tie contest!

Saturday, May 4, 2019
4 p.m. til 9 p.m. at the Heritage Hall

General Admission

Individual Ticket which includes Admission to the Event, Food and 2 Drink Tickets – Tickets for Sale at the event $85
$75.00 (plus fee)

VIP Package

VIP Package includes: Admission to the Event, VIP Seating, Food, 4 Drink Tickets, a Bottle of JR Revelry, Official Derby Mint Julep Glass, Official Race Program, and Engraved Silver Flask
$125.00 (plus fee)

Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park is proud to present our first “Jockeys & Juleps” fundraising event.



Silent Auction Sneak Peak!

2 Framed Official Kentucky Derby Posters
Signed by the Artist

Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park Kentucky Derby auctions by Jeff Williams

by Jeff Williams (Valued at $400)

In 2009 Jeff Williams, renowned art deco inspired artist, was commissioned as the official artist for the 2009 Kentucky Derby. His decorative paintings hang in private homes in Atlanta and in commercial collections worldwide. He is represented by many private art galleries across the United States. In 2007 Jeff was invited to participate in the prestigious Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts Show at the Carrousel Du Louvre in Paris.

Most recently he was honored by being invoked into the “Walk of Fame” in front of the Historical Rylander Theatre in Americus, Georgia.


36 x 48 inches

Equestrian Painting

by Susan M Stern (valued at $1800)

Susie grew up in central Ohio, surrounded by lush farm land and animals. Although a city dweller, her heart was always in the country, and the hours spent at horse barns became the fabric of her soul. I have always loved the outdoors, animals, flowers, and being outdoors. I am a combination of color, magic, spontaneity, joy and whimsy. I have worked in watercolor, pastels, acrylic and oils. Currently I am working on abstract horse painting, in both oil and acrylic. I attended college in Missouri, and Colorado, and completed my BFA at the University of Colorado with an emphasis in water media. Later, I returned to graduate school to do my masters work in Visual Communications at Pratt Institue in New York City. The highlight of my design career was being part of the design of the children’s exhibit, Daniel’s Story, which has become a permanent exhibit at the United States Holocaust Musuem in Washington, DC. As my second career, I raised 6 kids as part of a second marriage.

But, as water finds it’s level, I eventually wound up back in the saddle, once again on farms, surrounded by animals, and finally coming full circle to where my heart is most at home; riding and painting horses.

Artist’s Statement

Life is wonder. Painting is magic. Painting is my truth. It is the hardest thing I do. There is nowhere to hide, and the world gets to see that. It is a journey both terrifying and exciting; a journey which keeps me seeking a perfection that is never attainable…just lessons learned, sometimes over and over again. I know life can be ugly, messy, and difficult, but in those moments when the rain stops, the clouds part, and the sunlight floods through, I realize why I struggle to capture it.

My love of animals, especially horses, has informed my work more than anything else. It’s been said that “if God made anything more beautiful than horses, he kept it for himself.” Perhaps the interplay between the gentleness and power of these majestic animals keeps me returning to the easel, trying to capture their timeless spirit.

Susan m. Stern

Glass Sculpture

by Hans Godo Frabel (valued at $1800)

Hans Godo Fräbel is one of the first American flameworkers to have been part of a major art movement. In the early seventies, he produced sculptures in the pop aesthetic that set him apart from the other glass artists at this time. Fräbel was born in Jena, East Germany in 1941. After World War II, the family fled the communistic regime in East Germany and they settled in Mainz am Rheine in West Germany. As a young man, he was trained as a scientific glassblower at the prestigious Jena Glaswerke in Mainz am Rheine, West Germany. In his spare time, he had the opportunity to focus on his real passion, art, and attended different art classes, to learn how to paint and draw.

In 1965 he came to the United States and settled in Atlanta. He obtained a position at the Georgia Institute of Technology in its scientific glass blowing laboratory. There he also continued his art studies at Emory University and Georgia State University.

While working at Georgia Tech, Fräbel’s creative talents were often sought after by professors and acquaintances alike to create glass sculptures as gifts for friends, partners and business associates. With so many people enjoying the beauty of his glass sculptures, Fräbel felt strengthened to continue his quest to become an artist.

In 1968, Fräbel established his own glass studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Over the next 40 years, he would follow in accordance with the European tradition of apprentice and mentoring studio master: as the master artist he would pass his skills on to a handpicked group of apprentices (such as Ginny Runer), who after many years of training would become master artists in their own right.

Derby Designer Hat

by Elisabeth Koch (value $125 includes hat box)

International Milliner Elisabeth Koch Donates Hat for Derby Day Auction

International milliner, Elisabeth Koch, has kindly donated one of her creations to the Heritage Sandy Springs Jockeys and Juleps Auction on May 4.  Koch’s creations have graced the covers of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmopolitan magazines and can be seen on royals and celebrities worldwide.  The hat is a vibrant, feminine pink fascinator -perfect for Spring Gala season and equestrian events in Georgia. This piece comes from Elisabeth Koch Millinery’s Blue Label Collection.  Each creation is a limited edition of 30-50 pieces.  Koch lives and designs in Beijing with roots in Sandy Springs.  Born to Welsh/Dutch parents, she has lived all around the world; London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Sandy Springs!  Indeed, if Elisabeth’s face is familiar, maybe she was your classmate at James L. Riley, Highpoint or Ridgeview Middle School!  Koch is now the only classically trained milliner in China, there since 2007.  She will be in Sandy Springs this Summer from late June to mid August and offering hat-making afternoon teas at the estate of her parents in Chastain Park. See www.ElisabethKoch.co for images of her hats.

Gift Certificates Are Up For Bids!

These would be perfect for date night!

Other items: Tickets to the Alliance Theatre; Pewter Julep Glass; Fine Wines and more!


For more information, contact Kristi Petty: 404-851-9111 ext. 6, or email: events@heritagesandysprings.org