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Artist Market

The Sandy Springs Festival Arts District, in partnership with Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, has created an Artist Market attracting and jurying many artists such as the following below – showcasing original artisans create in a variety of media including painting, clay, sculpture, jewelry, photography, woodworking, printmaking, and more.

Here are some of the amazing artists in our Artist Market located in the Arts District of the Sandy Springs Festival:
Hannah Coker
Sandie Cappai
Dean Santini
Elizabeth Smith
Jim Pridmore
Yesha Panchal
Eve Embry
M Hakima MD
Erica Cameron
Merrily Mclaughlin
Brandon Tai
Heather Russell
Letitia Herman
Peter Schoenly
Lisa Gastineau
Anne Autsolief
Rachael Newman
Margaret Graham
Emelisa Cantero
Henry Wischusen
Amine Badr
Timothy Michael
Michael Taylor
Shaopeng Jia
Jmiguel Hernandez
Shaun Krisher
Matthew Spaulding
Cindy Elliott
Remon Tawfik
Kevin May
Cory Smithson
Mark Palmer
Ana Maria Barragan
Kenny Hoff
Kathryn Nidy