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Field Trips

Interested in a Virtual Field Trip? Fill out the form below! Each virtual field trip will be specially modified to provide your class with a fun, online learning experience.

Our Field Trips are designed to engage students in a fun and interactive way! We can facilitate a rotating schedule at our museum and park where multiple classes can partake in a field trip, explore the exhibits in the museum, or just play outside. Want an easier option than renting a bus, packing lunches, and scouring backpacks for permission slips? Well then let us bring the field trip to you!  Our 60-90 minute classroom field trips are designed to fit into your daily schedule. Each field trip is organized for a class-size of approximately 30 students. Click the tabs below for details on each topic and/or to schedule your field trip with us!

Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, and the Sandy Springs Society.

Recommended for Kindergarten


Explore US symbols through story and art. We will use stories to help us remember prominent American symbols from the flag, to the bald eagle, to the Statue of Liberty, and many more. For three of our symbols we will create 3D replicas; be careful, this could get messy (painty or glittery). After we wash-up, each student will make their own US Symbols book a reminder of their in-class field trip.

Recommended for Third Grade


Junior paleontologists will discover how fossils were formed hundreds of years ago, and how they are discovered today. Two read-a-louds will both introduce and close the main activity – make your own fossil! The readings will help contextualize our subject and provide reading comprehension games to introduce the fossil making experiment. Each student will take home a fossil at the end of their in-class field trip.

Recommended for Fourth Grade

SS4H6 / SS4H3 / SS4E2 / MGSE4.OA.2 / MGSE4.NBT.4 / MGSE4.NF.4 / ELAGSE4SL1

Travel with us 2,000 miles and across 6 states from Independence, Missouri to Oregon City, Oregon on the Oregon Trail. Students will create their pioneer identities including travel companions and occupations to earn trial bucks, which can buy supplies along the route. They will also need their log books, which we will supply, to keep track of their food, clothing, and equipment along the trail. This simulation allows students to work together while integrating social studies, language arts, and math curriculum to problem solve situations along the Oregon Trail.

Recommended for Fifth Grade

SS5H3 / SS5E3 / SS5E4 / MGSE5.NBT.4 / MGSE5.NBT.5 / MGSE5.NBT.7 / MGSE5.NF.1 / MGSE5.NF.2 / MGSE5.NF.4 / MGSE5.NF.6 / MGSE5.NF.7 / ELAGSE5SL1

We will travel back in time to that Black Tuesday in October 1929, when the stock market crashed. Students will simulate daily life during the Great Depression, as they keep track of their budget sheets, which we will provide, and learn about the struggles Americans faced from 1929 to the beginning of World War II. Through these years each family (student groups) will work together, props provided, and with other families to survive the Great Depression. Integrating social studies, math, and language arts curriculum students will simulate and analyze the effects of the Great Depression.

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