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Homeschool Days at the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum are designed for the unique educational needs of homeschool students, who will spend an afternoon enjoying local history through facilitated activities and play-based learning. These special days allow home-schoolers of all ages to explore the featured exhibits, investigate collections up close, participate in hands-on activities, and tour exhibits with Museum docents or Education staff.

Funding for this program is provided by the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, and the Sandy Springs Society.

Our American Heritage

Grade One – Social Studies

SS1H1, SS1G1, SS1G2, SS1E1, SS1E2, SS1E3, SS1E4

Currently in development; coming soon!


Grade Two – Georgia Studies

SS2H2, SS2G2

Through our Native American activities, students will understand that the area we now know as Sandy Springs hosted Native Americans in the past and will learn about how they lived and why they left. Each student will describe the Georgia Creek and Cherokee cultures of the past in terms of tools, clothing, homes, way so making a living, and accomplishments. Students will also learn about the importance of the Chattahoochee River, before partaking in a historical simulation of the Trail of Tears game and learning about the Georgia Land Lotteries of the 1820s.

Becoming a City: Sandy Springs

Grade Three – Social Studies


Through our unique local government program, students will begin to understand that Sandy Springs had to go through certain steps to become a city and that their efforts to do so were quite unique. Students will explain the importance of the basic principles that provide the foundation of a republican form of government. By the end of our hour-long session, students will be able to name the three levels of government and the three branches in each, including the names of the legislative branch. Students will then explore our Sandy Springs: Land and People Exhibit, and learn about several key pieces in our archival collection related to some of the first city officials in Sandy Springs.

America’s Great Expansion

Grade Four – Social Studies

SS4H3, SS4H4, SS4H5, SS4H6

Currently in development; coming soon!

The Civil War and Sandy Springs

Grade Five – Social Studies


During our discussion of the Civil War, students will begin to understand that Sandy Springs played an important role in Sherman’s march to Atlanta, in addition to the rest of the Civil War. They’ll evaluate and explain the causes, major events, and consequences of the Civil War, before ultimately looking at our local involvement, and the impact to local residents who were here during Sherman’s march.

Interested in a HomeSchool Day? Please contact our Education Department via email. We’ll schedule these special afternoons on days that work best with your schedule and your students. The fees are $10 per student. Advance registration with payment is required.

Questions? Please contact our Education Department via email.