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Sandy Springs Gazette

One of our newest initiatives, the Sandy Springs Gazette, debuted in February 2016. We began publishing weekly articles, based on archives and oral histories from Sandy Springs residents, in a virtual magazine. For years, these stories sat on shelves in our library, waiting for researchers, genealogists, or interested readers to explore them.  Now, this history is no longer relegated to a library shelf! These stories are being shared with and enjoyed by the public each and every week. We created the Sandy Springs Gazette for those of you who remember the stories, events, and locations…and want to share our unique history with the next generation!

After 52 weeks of articles,  and thanks to funding from the Sandy Springs Society, we published an entire year’s worth of stories in a beautiful perfect-bound magazine. You may find this printed magazine in many local establishments, or click the image to the right to open the electronic version. Stay tuned for Volume II coming soon!

If these stories spark memories, or if you know of someone who would like to share an oral history of our community, please contact Keith Moore via email or by calling 404-851-9111 ext. 2.