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Sandy Springs Gazette


Email or call 404-851-9111 ext. 2 for more information

For years, the stories you will read and listen to in this interactive publication sat on shelves in our library waiting for researchers, genealogists, or interested readers to explore them. As Heritage Sandy Springs updates our mission, we are also updating our approach to sharing the history of Sandy Springs with the public. History at Heritage will no longer be relegated to a library shelf. We have created this interactive publication for those of you who remember these stories, events, and locations, and want to share our unique history with the next generation.

Here’s what you can expect from The Sandy Springs Gazette:

  • Each Thursday, Heritage Sandy Springs will publish a new article based on oral histories from Sandy Springs residents.
  • Each week we will add these stories to the Gazette, accumulating a firsthand account of historic people, places, events, and happenings in our community.
  • Researchers and fans will have the opportunity to view and study the written transcripts and listen to the audio of the actual interviews.
  • You can receive notifications via social media when new articles are published. Just search for the hashtag #TBT (Throwback Thursday) or #SandySpringsGazette.

We are excited to share the fascinating history of our community with you each week!

If these stories spark memories, or if you know of someone who would like to share an oral history of our community, please feel free to arrange an interview with Melissa Swindell, Director of Historic Resources & Education Programs, by sending an email or by calling 404-851-9111 ext. 2.