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A House with Three Names

The Williams-Payne House has been the site of the Heritage Sandy Springs Museum since it opened in 1990. First built in the 1860s, the house has carried three names. First, it was the Williams Farm. Then, it became the Payne Home. And finally, when it became a museum, it was named the Williams-Payne House after the two families that lived there. But how much do you know about the house that has become a cultural center of Sandy Springs? Explore below to learn about the house, where it came from, and how it became the museum it is today.

The Williams-Payne House has seen many layouts since it was built in 1869. Click through the images below to see how the building has been used and changed throughout time.

Kids Corner

How would you use the Williams-Payne House? Download and print this coloring page to design your own version of the home!

Listen to hear Dottie Megel's story about moving the Williams-Payne House to its current location.


“It goes back so long, 25 years ago, it’s hard to remember. But I do remember when we moved the house in the middle of the night. That was fun. At midnight, I’m dressed. I have a bottle of champagne in my hand. And my husband says, ‘Where are you off to now?’ I said, ‘I’m going to move a house!’ He said, ‘You’ve got to be kidding. I mean, you’ve done a lot of crazy things, but this is probably the craziest one I’ve heard.’ I said, ‘Well, you’ll read about it in the newspaper.’ And so we did. We all went over, Garnett and Joey, and Myrtle, and probably 10, 15 of us. And we got that champagne over there, and I could not get that bottle to break it off. Finally Garnett says, ‘Give it to me!’ Wham! She got it broken. And we followed and pulled a little while, but I did not stay to watch them put it on the site. But I do have pictures, of once we got it on the site. And I was President of the Sandy Springs Garden Club by this time, laying the bricks for the chimney.”

– Dottie Megel, in conversation with Kimberly Brigance