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Who are we?

Two decades before the city of Sandy Springs was even formed, the spot where five underground springs come together in a sandy basin was threatened by commercial development. Citizens of Sandy Springs rallied and the “Save Our Springs” movement was born. The grassroots effort resulted in the nonprofit organization we know today as Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park.

Today, the mission of Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park has expanded beyond saving the original spring site to promoting history, stewarding a community park, and enhancing the cultural identity of Sandy Springs. Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park achieves its mission through the presentation of meaningful educational and heritage programs and special cultural events to residents of Sandy Springs and the surrounding communities. Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park continues to maintain the four-acre park site around the original “sandy springs,” now known as Heritage Green, offering an oasis of green space in an otherwise modern urban setting. Through its many free and affordable community programs, Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park and Heritage Green serve as a thriving community gathering place.

A vibrant community engaged in history, culture, and stewardship.

To preserve the history of Sandy Springs, steward the community park of Heritage Sandy Springs Museum and Park, and offer culture, education, events and outreach to the community.


We Value

Celebrating the history, spirit, and diversity of our community

Preserving our historic spring site and community park

Engagement and involvement of volunteers and patrons